"Transforming Africa's water and environment for present and future generations."

About The Project

The Visionaries of Uganda in partnership with Ministry of Water and Environment Organizes Uganda Waste, water and Environment Convention annually bringing professionals in the sector on waste management, water supply, environmental engineering and other sector leaders.
The Convention tackles and show case achievements in the sector with diversified innovations in clean water, climate change impact, waste management (solid waste, waste water, gas waste and industrial waste) and integrated environmental management.

The Project focuses on

Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene services in the country

Conservation and restoration of water resources and biodiversity

Latest waste management technology solutions

 Updates of ongoing preparations for maintaining the ecosystem in Albertine region.

Aims of the project

Areas Of Focus


Water touches every aspect of development and flows through nearly every Sustainable Development Goals. Solving many of the largest development challenges requires extending reliable access to safely managed drinking water services, sanitation services and water supply for domestic and industrial use.


Waste is an increasing threat as the population is on the rise making waste management a priority for every city for the protection of the environment, health protection and pollution prevention. 


The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature. For instance, each year, marine plants produce more than a half of our air, absorbing 22kilos of carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in exchange. With all these benefits, explains the observance and need to convene and deliberate how to protect the environment.